easter in atlanta

IMG_7611^^the faces of two very happy united best friendsIMG_7630^^the church we went to had this gorgeous, inspirational wallIMG_7967IMG_7757IMG_7635IMG_7636IMG_7638IMG_7642IMG_7656IMG_7666^^the vault, where the coca-cola secret formula is hiddenIMG_7698IMG_7772IMG_7887IMG_7766IMG_7797IMG_7933IMG_8061IMG_8134IMG_8238IMG_7788IMG_8309IMG_8411IMG_8549

For Easter break my best friend from high school, Abi, and I split a plane ticket for me to go visit her at school in Atlanta.  Abi’s mom moved to North Carolina after she graduated high school, so we rarely get to see each other these days and soak up every minute that we do have together.

I had never been to Atlanta before, and it is such a gorgeous city!  The weather when I went was perfect, always in the 70’s to 80’s, and it only rained once.  I’m told it gets miserably hot in the summer, but since I went in the Spring I avoided that 😉

My number-one priority while I was in Atlanta was to see the World of Coke, which Abi and I went to after church on Easter Sunday.  I loved it!  It surpassed all of my expectations.  The best part was definitely the end, where they have a “tasting room” where you can taste different kinds of Coca-Cola owned soda flavors from all over the world, over 100 different kinds.  Of course Abi and I tried them all.  It was super fun, but I definitely felt sugared-out afterwards.

We also went to the Centennial Olympic Park, which was created when Atlanta hosted the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.  I was really looking forward to seeing the torch, and unfortunately I could only look at it from afar, because they were setting up for an event later that day and the area was fenced off.  But I still got to see gorgeous downtown Atlanta, and the olympic water rings were still up and running, and it was super cute to see all the kids playing in them on such a picture-perfect day.

At the end of my short little trip I went with one of Abi’s friends to the Atlanta BeltLine, and we took looks of goofy pictures and just had a good time.  Obviously over the course of the trip we made several different stops to southern food staples (my favorite being the Dwarf House, which is the first chick-fil-a and has a sit-down restaurant).

I loved Atlanta so much, a lot more than I expected to, and I can’t wait to go back and visit again! And who knows, maybe I’ll apply to jobs there after graduation 😉


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