college transfer life: my dorm

Soooooo life has definitely been crazy since I transferred colleges midway through what was supposed to be my sophomore year (I’ll get into that later).  And while it’s been set up for a while, I finally got the opportunity to take pictures of my dorm to show everyone.  So here it is!

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
my humble abode in the upper west side 🙂

I live in the upperclassmen dorm, despite technically being a sophomore, so my dorm is apartment-style.  I have one roommate whom I share a room with, and two suitemates, who share another double room within the apartment.  We share a living room/kitchen/common area, that is equipped with university provided furniture, as well as a bathroom.  I didn’t take pictures of the common area, out of respect for my roommates, but it’s nothing special.  It is pretty large for the area that we are in — the upper west side is a pretty affluent neighborhood within Manhattan. Our double room is huge, so much bigger compared to the dorm I was in at my old college, and it fits a full-sized dresser which I am in love with.  At my old college I had be super clever with how and where I stored everything, but it’s so spacious here that I don’t really have to worry about it.

I also have a nice little desk area in the corner, which luckily doesn’t face the window (if it did, I would never get work done!).  I like to have my desktop pretty empty so I have room for all of my thoughts and don’t get distracted while I study.  Unfortunately, our kitchen is super small and there wasn’t room for my blender, so it takes up a big chunk of space.  It’s still an organized, clutter-free space, and nothing helps me study more than organization.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
I still need to hang up my calendar–don’t judge me

I love decoration and organization (this girl is obsessed with hgtv), so I’ve really enjoyed making my little slice of space home.  Obviously I’m going to continue to re-organize and add decorations–I enjoy it too much to stop, but I wanted to share my new home with everyone who wants to see it.

As for the transition as a transfer student goes, I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s been a little rough.  I transferred in under the impression that I am a sophomore, and would be graduating in 2019, but after extensive planning with my advisor, it was determined that I have to wait to graduate until 2020, making me a freshman again.  I don’t have a problem with that at all, but knowing that I wish that the school had placed me in the freshman dorms so I had more chances to make friends.  As a sophomore in apt-style living, it’s not exactly your classic dorm with everyone leaving their doors open and running around with their floor.  I definitely haven’t put myself out there as much as I have wanted to out of fear of rejection, but after spring break I am making a pledge to myself to do whatever I can to make some friends!

This is definitely a great learning experience for me, and I know that I will come out of all of this a better and stronger person.  I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to transfer, and am very lucky to have parents that have supported me through the whole journey.  While I can’t wait to go home next week and squeeze my family and my kitty, I am determined to make myself a home here on the east coast.

hugs and kisses,




One thought on “college transfer life: my dorm

  1. Great post. We love you and believe in you, Ciara. I hope you don’t mean a “permanent” home on the East Coast! Remember, the West Coast is the best coast. Love you!


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