hello from new york!

Hello everyone and my apologies for not posting for so long.  I know it’s the age-old excuse, but between school, work, and applying to transfer, my life really just got the best of me and I couldn’t keep up.  But, one of my new year’s resolutions was to eventually get back to blogging, and even though I know it’s late the year is still just beginning, so here I am!

I have successfully transferred Universities to Fordham College at Lincoln Center, right in the heart of New York, New York.  Let me start off by saying that this was a dream that I shared with my best friend in my sophomore year of high school, and it amazes me that I made this dream come true.  I never believed that this is the path that my life would take, but I am so happy that everything led me to here!

Let me start off my reintroduction into the blogging world to describe how New York has been treating me, which can be summarized into one word: AMAZING.  You know all that stuff you hear about New Yorkers being “hard” and “mean?” Not even the slightest true.  If anything, I have felt like people have better manners here than they do on the relaxed, easy-going west coast.  I always see people give up their seat on the subway for someone who needs it more, and when my Mom and I first got here people would ask us if we needed directions in case we ever looked lost.  And once I was on crutches (it’s a long story) everyone went out of their way to help me out with opening doors, carrying my groceries, and just striking up a conversation expressing their sympathy for me as I struggle to crutch my way through the streets of New York.

You know why else I find New York so amazing? It. Is. Gorgeous.  Being a west coast kid the most views I ever got of the New York skyline were the aerial shots I saw on tv and in movies, but seeing it in person is just something else.  And although it’s cramped, full of tourists, and super annoying to navigate through, Times Square really is a sight to behold.  Every single neighborhood I go to in Manhattan has a view that I can’t get over, and that is why I am falling in love with this city so much.

In short, I am falling more in love with this city every day, even though I can’t experience as much of it because of my limited mobility (seriously–stress fractures are the worst).  I know I didn’t give much detail, but I will be back with plenty of stories to tell soon! Just wanted to give everyone a teaser into my new life in the big apple! I hope everyone is doing well, and you will definitely be hearing more from me!

Hugs and Kisses,



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