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get organized: make your own planner

Hey everyone! I have often been called the “Monica Geller” of my friends, and my love for all things organization is one of the reasons.  One of my favorite things to do is to keep a calendar, and I have 4 main ones in total: a color coded dry erase one on my wall, a paper one on my desk, my iCloud calendar in my phone and laptop (perfect for pulling out when making appointments you don’t want to forget!), and of course, my homemade daily planner.

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I was browsing through Pinterest and loving all of the print-out planners I was seeing, especially because they are so personalized, so I decided to make my own, drawing inspiration from various print outs that I had seen on Pinterest!

My two big weaknesses are eating lots of snacks throughout the day, and not drinking enough water, so I added meal planning, and cute water glasses that I could check off as well as a daily goal.  I’m a big believer in to do lists–they organize your thoughts in one place and make everything less overwhelming once you have everything on paper and know you won’t forget anything!  I gave myself plenty of space for to do’s, and even added simple daily tasks just so I could feel better about checking them off.

My favorite part of the planner is making my 3 main goals for the day.  I read somewhere that the secret to success is making a list of 3 things you are going to that day, whether they are as small as making your bed or as big as finishing a paper.  It’s hard to finish a 20 item checklist, but if you prioritize 3 things that you promise yourself you will finish that day, you’ll have an easier time tackling them, and feel so much better about yourself knowing that you accomplished them going to bed that night!

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please ignore my awful summer handwriting!


I put mine in a slim, 1/2 inch binder, which I have found is especially handy to keep important documents in the pockets!  I made my daily planner on word, and while it was time-consuming, it was relatively easy and anyone could do the same.  The most important tool to use is text boxes, so you can use all areas of the page.  For the boxes that I shaded in, I just formatted the text box, chose a “fill color,” and then set the opacity to 20% so that it would be light enough to write on.  Below is a slideshow to show you how I did it in word on my mac.

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I change the color every month, just to change it up a little depending on my mood!  I also love having the freedom to edit it whenever I want, in case I find myself not using one of the sections as much, or that one section doesn’t have enough space.

I encourage everyone to go make your own, and if you need somewhere to start, I created a public google drive folder of the word and pdf documents here.  If you have any questions, or want me to make a different color for you of my own, just let me know!  Be prepared to be patient, and you will definitely thank yourself later!

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3 thoughts on “get organized: make your own planner

  1. I love this! It literally has everything you could need to write down. Right now I plan in a large-sized Lilly Planner but find that I often run out of space to write out everything I want to put down. I will definitely be taking some inspiration from this!


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