big island adventures

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Hey everyone! I recently went on a family vacation to Hawaii, the big island specifically, and I wanted to share my adventures with you all. My grandparents actually live in Hawaii, so our Hawaii vacations are much different than your typical resort-style one.  They have a coffee farm, and there are so many animals (and bugs!) around all the time.  My personal favorite was the rooster that always woke us up at 4 am, which is not when the sun is rising!

My younger brothers who are 16 and 15 each brought two friends, so it was a lot of teenage boys (sometimes more than I could handle).  My mom and I flew over a few days later than all the boys, and when we arrived my Dad greeted us at the airport with smiles and Leis 🙂 We then dropped off our luggage and headed to the beach! The one that we went to on both the first day and the last day of my trip is dubbed by our family as “Veteran’s Beach,” because the entrance is across the road from a veteran’s cemetery.

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my parents being adorable on the beach

I had a lot of fun with my family, but being around 6 teenage boys constantly got to be a little too much, so I also took some time to hang out with my grandparents as a form of escape.  I love just hanging out at the beach, and because I live in Northern California, I love Hawaii because the ocean water isn’t so cold that you need a wet suit like it is at home!  I was perfectly content to just lay out with a magazine, some iced tea, and my sunglasses and relax in the sand.

I learned two new fashion styles that I have decided to focus on this summer: halter tops and my cat hat!  I am obsessed with the cat hat that I got at urban outfitters a few days before the trip, and being in Hawaii gave me the opportunity to wear it every day!  The hat can be found here.  I am also now super into halter tops, they are super comfy, flattering (especially if your boobs aren’t that big), and super fashionable despite how simple they are!

All in all I had an amazing time and can’t wait to go back again.  I consider myself to be very lucky to have grandparents that live in such an amazing and beautiful place.

Sunglasses can be found here, swimsuit #1 top and bottom, and swimsuit #2 top and bottom.




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